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Learn basic conversational phrases and build confidence by comparing your speech with native speakers.

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Watch to learn! See and hear how to speak your new language by watching video footage of native speakers, and learning from them. Conversations are spoken slowly so that beginning learners can understand everything. This language-learning method helps you build confidence on a computer before you test out your new speaking skills in the real world. Record yourself and listen to the playback to compare your pronunciation with the native speaker’s.

Play to learn with interactive games. Then take a comprehension quiz and see how you do in real-life social situations. A challenging recording quiz tests your pronunciation. You earn points for every game you play, and can earn bronze, silver and gold awards for your language achievements!

You can also learn on the go with a printable phrasebook. Practice your new language at school, on the plane... whenever you have a free moment!

Level 2 is designed to reinforce the basics of language fundamentals and will help you build proficiency in your new language. Interactive exercises and videos help build language fluency and keep novices engaged. Learn basic conversational phrases with structures you can adapt to fit different situations. Most importantly, Level 2 gives you the confidence to speak in your new language with a unique recording function.

If you know some basic words and phrases in your new language, but you aren’t sure you can handle a full conversation, Level 2 will get you talking. Level 2 is great for recent beginners with everything spoken clearly and slowly.

Go beyond basics and learn how to put together complete sentences, especially about things you commonly need to say abroad. Examples of things you will learn include, “I’d like to pay by credit card,” “My camera has been stolen,” and “Where is the pharmacy?” Topics cover greetings, shops and restaurants, getting around, hotels, phone calls, emergencies, leisure and the basic vocabulary of business and technology.


  • Urdu is the national language of Pakistan.
  • Learn Urdu to feel more at ease while traveling in Pakistan.

Visiting Pakistan

Urdu is spoken by about 70 million people, predominantly in Pakistan. It is the official language in Pakistan. Pakistan is on the rise as tourism's “next big thing.” It’s a destination that has so much to offer visitors; walk the 5,000-year-old Indus Valley Civilization cities, or if climbing is of interest, then scale one of the 7000+ meter mountains scattered across the country. With its diverse cultures, helpful people, and gorgeous landscapes, you’ll never want to leave.


Urdu-speaking Countries

Urdu is also spoken in parts of India.

Here are some of the basic Urdu phrases that you might use:

  • Khush amdid! (Welcome!)
  • Kafi weqt se ap ko dekha nehin. (Long time, no see.)
  • Main samjha nahin. (I didn’t understand.)

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