Instant Immersion Level 1 or Levels 1-2-3 CD
License Key Registration


Registration Overview
The license key on the product package needs to be registered. After registration, this system will provide you an Activation License Key that is required to use the software.

  • You will need to complete Step 1 to register your license.
  • Step 2 will show display the Activation License Key and also email you a copy.
  • Step 3 will allow you to download the installation software OR you can install it from the software CD in the box.
  • When you launch the software the first time, you will be required to enter the Activation License Key.
Are you trying to install this software an your iPad or iPhone?
  The software is NOT designed for the iPad/iPhone/iPod. You have purchased software that is designed for a PC or a Mac.   

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If you are having license key issues, get help by clicking HERE