Levels 1-2-3 5-User & Family Edition Deluxe Software Download
Instant Immersion Levels 1-2-3 5-User & Family Edition Deluxe

Does your PC or Mac computer have a DVD drive?
YES If have a DVD drive or can access a shared DVD drive, please use that method for the quickest installation.  You do NOT need to follow the instructions below.
NO As a purchaser of the retail product, you have the option of downloading and installing the same software that is present on the SOFTWARE installation DVD in the box.  Please see DOWNLOAD below:
Are you trying to install this software an your iPad or iPhone or Android device?
  The download software available on this page is NOT designed for the iPad/iPhone/iPod/Android. This download installer replaces the Software DVD disc in the box and is designed for a PC or a Mac.  The product does contain audio MP3's that can be transferred to an iDevice once imported into iTunes.  Please see the PDF on the MP3 CD for more information.  
If your product package indicates it includes the "Tablet Companion APP", please see the postcard in the box for complete instructions.


Select your option from the available choices below.

Most users will simply need to DOWNLOAD the software, install it and register it using the license key on the product's disk holder.

If you have previously installed the software in the past and need to download it again, you probably need to know the license key (GET KEY) you previously used when you installed the software.

A few customers have purchased more than one language to learn. If so, you just need to ADD LANGUAGE by registering your additional license key to unlock the additional language in the existing software installation.

Downloading the installation file (170MB PC, 170MB Mac) can take up to an hour.  After the download is complete, you will use the downloaded file to install the software.  After successful installation, the first time you run the software it will require activation using the license key on the disk holder.

     (if you do NOT see the blue buttons below with your choices, please click ME to open a pop-up to download


If you are having license key issues, get help by clicking HERE