Instant Immersion Live Tutoring


Instant Immersion Live Tutoring
We want to help you learn a language even faster with a FREE 30-minute live tutoring session!

Instant Immersion’s™ audio, video and software products will help you learn a second language quickly, but nothing compares to practicing with a native speaker of the language. Once you gain some confidence with your new language using our products, it is important to practice what you have learned with a live person. The ability to videoconference (Skype™) with a native speaker to gain insights into your pronunciation and progress is invaluable.

Instant Immersion™ is providing this FREE 30-minute live tutoring session with your purchase of select products in over 60 languages! Activate and use your session whenever you want. Use your session to practice words and phrases, get feedback on your pronunciation, ask language-related questions, have written communications analyzed or just see if you can hold a conversation! And you always have the option of purchasing additional time if you need it.

Our partner, italki™, provides access to several options for tutoring:
  • Professional Lesson

Professional teachers are individuals who teach language as their profession or possess a degree/certification in education. They provide a structured learning experience using Instant Immersion™ course material.

  • Informal Tutoring

Tutors are available who are simply passionate about teaching their native language. The session is focused around your goals.

  •  Instant Tutoring

If you are looking for immediate assistance and do not want to schedule a session for a future date, you can connect with native speakers who are online and ready to video chat. 

Instant Immersion Live Tutoring with Skype Instant Immersion Live Tutoring with video chat


Please note: When selecting your Instant Immersion™ language product, the Live Tutor Bonus will be indicated if it is available

A live teacher will be able to give you support and guidance, and help you stay consistent with your learning so you learn a language faster!

  • Instant feedback reduces mistakes and helps you progress more quickly
  • Speaking with a native teacher will help you learn any nuances of pronunciation
  • A live teacher can answer specific questions you may have about the language


Watch how the live tutoring process works in this short video:


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