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Instant Immersion English Courses
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Understand the basics of the English language and develop speaking skills you need to become confident and conversational in social interactions with up to 3 levels of our interactive software and audio.

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  • Bonus Audio Lesson – Receive free audio lesson with Levels 1, 2 & 3 Family Edition.

Instant Immersion's English course is the best way to learn English

Instant Immersion's best-selling software has helped more than 6 MILLION people with their language-learning goals.
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Add a English Language Workbook to any course

Add a English Language Workbook to any course

Instant Immersion's English (Ingles) Workbook - Digital Edition

Whether you're learning English for vacation, studying in school or simply polishing your fluency, Instant Immersion is the easiest and fastest way to learn a language. By combining written vocabulary, conversational, and cultural skills, you'll learn a new language in just minutes a day!

This workbook is a great complement to the Instant Immersion audio or software products, or any other English language courses.

This is only for native Spanish speakers learning English.

  • Essential vocabulary, dialogues & exercises in every chapter
  • Phonetic pronunciation & translations as you go
  • Cultural impressions with everyday native expressions
  • 115 full-color worksheet pages can be viewed or printed
Workbook Sample: English Transcript Sample
What’s the difference between us and Rosetta Stone® Show Me
Both Rosetta Stone® and Instant Immersion™ are respected brands. Both offer multi-level language-learning software. And both use similar teaching methods. So, why does Instant Immersion cost so much less? Because we don’t spend millions of dollars on advertising and marketing campaigns. Try Instant Immersion. We guarantee you will be satisfied or we will give you your money back!

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Instant Immersion Audio Extra's

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