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Learn the beginner essentials of Arabic fast with rewarding games.

Level: Beginner
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  • You immerse yourself with easy-to-achieve goals. Learning Egyptian Arabic is far too big a task to tackle all at once, so we have broken it down into a series of fun challenges
  • Associating new words along with pictures is proven to reinforce them in your memory. Furthermore, there are opportunities to record your pronunciation and hear it repeated to judge your progression.
  • Earn points for every game you play. High scorers can go on to win bronze, silver and gold awards, which you can print out as a record of achievement.

  • Simple user interface keeps things easy
  • Fun games, interactive activities, challenging quizzes
  • 10-minute sessions keep you engaged
  • Learn Egyptian Arabic colors, numbers, time, parts of the body, food, shopping, common phrases and countries
  • Intelligent system targets your weak points
  • Recording feature helps you perfect an accent
  • Printable phrasebook for learning on the go

  • Practice the language with native speakers using an interactive recording feature
  • Keep games challenging with two levels of difficulty
  • Earn points during games and quizzes, and achieve awards
  • Exercises are game-based to keep you coming back for more!
  • Focuses on the basics of the language so you don?t get overwhelmed
  • Immersive learning helps you practice speaking in real-life situations
  • Egyptian Arabic is the spoken language of contemporary Egyptians.
  • So many countries use Arabic as their official language, chances are you will need to conduct business in one of them, which means you will have an advantage if you learn Arabic.
  • Egyptian Arabic is used in most social situations, with Modern Standard and Classical Arabic generally only being used in writing and in highly religious and/or formal situations.
Visiting Saudi Arabia

The Egyptian Arabic or Masri language is spoken by about 78 million people worldwide and  has no official status, and to date it is not officially recognized. 

Saudi Arabia is the third-largest country in the Middle East by land area, constituting the bulk of the Arabian Peninsula, and home to The Empty Quarter, the largest sea of sand on the planet with dunes the size of ships. The Arabian oryx, one of the most beautiful animals on earth, also lives there. In the far south lies Najran, an ancient caravan stop, where mud-brick forts rise out of the palm plantations and oases. On the coast, Jeddah is home to sensation-full souqs and bright coral houses, once the abode of its moneyed merchants. Off its shores lie Saudi’s Red Sea riches – reefs that rank among the least spoiled and most spectacular in the world.

Egyptian Arabic-speaking Countries

It is used in regional dialects, as well as by immigrant Egyptian communities in the Middle east, Europe, North America, Australia and South East Asia. The terms Egyptian Arabic and Masri are usually used synonymously with "Cairene Arabic", the dialect of the Egyptian capital. The country's native name, Maṣr, is used locally to refer to the capital Cairo itself.   As the status of Egyptian Arabic vis-à-vis Classical Arabic can have such political and religious implications in Egypt, the question of whether Egyptian Arabic should be considered a "dialect" or "language" can be a source of debate.

Here are some of the basic Egyptian Arabic phrases that you might use:

  • ʔizˈzayyak? (How are you?)
  • kiˈfāya! (That’s Enough.)
  • yaʕni ˈʔēh?(What does that mean)

System Information

Microsoft Windows
Version XP,Vista,7,8: 260MB hard drive space, 960x600 min resolution, sound card, microphone (recommended).

Apple Mac OSX
Version 10.6 - 10.9: 260MB hard drive space, 960x600 min resolution, sound card, microphone (recommended).

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