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Learn beginner to intermediate topics in Japanese with four software courses + BONUS audio

Level: Beginner-Intermediate
Platform: Windows-Mac
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  • You immerse yourself with easy-to-achieve goals. Learning a new language is far too big a task to tackle all at once, so we have broken it down into a series of rewarding challenges.  The aim is not to discourage people with the prospect of a large, academic course that they don’t need and will never finish. It’s practical, everyday language they will have the opportunity to use again and again.
  • Associating new words along with pictures is proven to reinforce them in your memory. Furthermore, there are opportunities to record your pronunciation and hear it repeated to judge your progression.
  • Earn points for every game you play. High scorers can go on to win bronze, silver and gold awards, which you can print out as a record of achievement.


  • Instant Immersion includes interactive language games — feeding learners new words along with pictures to reinforce their memory. It then tests your knowledge with fun quizzes. As soon as you start playing, you start learning.
  • 10-minute sessions keep you engaged
  • Intelligent system targets your weak points
  • Recording feature helps you perfect an accent
  • Printable phrasebook for learning on the go
  • Each of the four programs in the three levels use the same interface and navigational controls to provide a consistent user experience. We do not believe in increasing the complexity of the user interface just because you are learning advanced topics.


  • Practice the language with native speakers using an interactive recording feature
  • Keep games challenging with two levels of difficulty
  • Earn points during games and quizzes, and achieve awards
  • Exercises are game-based to keep you coming back for more!
  • Focuses on the basics of the language so you don?t get overwhelmed
  • Immersive learning helps you practice speaking in real-life situations
  • BONUS: Rhythms Easy Audio - 1 hour of introductory audio


Level 1 teaches you the essential words and phrases you will need in order to get around with ease.  Learn basic vocabulary and everyday phrases in no time!  Topics include first words, food, colors, phrases, body parts, numbers, time, shopping, countries and more.  Practice with virtual flashcards, play games and use the record-and-playback feature to practice pronunciation. 

Instant Immersion Level 1 Main Menu


Learn more complex phrases, correct pronunciation and how to converse in your new language. Talk about sports and hobbies, family, friends and work situations! Other topics include the alphabet, greetings, restaurant, hotel, business, technology, computers, emergencies and travel. Quiz yourself, record your progress or print out the dictionary to practice each subject on the go.

Instant Immersion Level 2 Main Menu


Reach your language-learning goals by immersing yourself in advanced conversations that will refine your language skills and help you retain what you learned. Topics include people, food, animals, numbers, seasons, business and career, marketing and communications, IT, banking and more. Practice with image association, game show-style quizzes and story reconstruction, then test yourself and perfect your pronunciation with the recordable voice feature.

Instant Immersion Level 3 Main Menu

Instant Immersion Level 3 Business Main Menu

RHYTHMS EASY AUDIO - Exclusive to InstantImmerion.com

It’s easier to remember something when it’s set to rhythmic music. Why do you think advertisers continue to use jingles in commercials? It cements their message, phone number or address firmly in your brain. Rhythms Easy Audio uses the same technique to help you learn a language.

Simple words and phrases are set to a varied pattern of rhythms and music designed specifically to help you learn and to keep you engaged in what you are doing. Rhythms Easy Audio is a great way to get you familiar with a new language. Learn greetings, basic directions, words for food and drinks, and more. You’ll hear the words spoken by both a male and female native speaker, and then you will have an opportunity to test how well you are doing with built-in review stages at key points throughout the lesson.

One of the great things about Rhythms Easy Audio is that it can help you learn a language practically anywhere at any time: while in the car or on the plane, while walking the dog, exercising or even while doing housework. Rhythms Easy Audio is an ideal and easy way to start your language-learning journey! Download the MP3 files from your course screen.


  • Japan’s economy is the third largest in the world.
  • Tokyo is often names as one of the best cities to visit worldwide.
  • Knowing basic Japanese words and phrases before traveling to Japan will help you feel more at ease during your trip.

Visiting Japan

Japan has some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world and draws more than 8 million foreign visitors every year. A complete visit to Japan is sure to include shopping in Tokyo’s Ginza neighborhood or sightseeing in the Shinjuku skyscraper district. Outside of Tokyo, popular Japanese destinations include Kyoto, often called one of Japan’s most beautiful places, and Osaka, which is home to one of Japan’s most famous attractions, the Osaka Castle. Nearby, is spectacular Himeji Castle, one of 14 of Japan’s World Heritage sites. One of the most spectacular times to be in Japan is during the spring when millions of cherry blossom trees are in full bloom all over the country.

 Visitors to Japan will also want to take part in some Japanese traditions, including a riding in a rickshaw, enjoying the onsen (Japanese hot springs), or visiting a Japanese tea house. Japanese cuisine includes dishes with fish, meat, vegetables, tofu and, of course, rice and/or noodles. There are many Japanese traditions that center around dining and travelers should be respectful of those. You will want to ask for help if you are unsure what to do.

Japanese-speaking Countries

A majority of Japanese-speaking people live in Japan, but Japanese is also the official language of the Republic of Palau, one of the world’s youngest and smallest states (and where the taping of the tenth season of the American reality television show, Survivor, was located!). Learning the Japanese language is useful in today’s global economy. After 2011’s devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan, there has been an increased need for and desire among non-natives to learn the Japanese language.

Here are some of the basic Japanese phrases that you will use often:

  • Ikura desu ka? (How much does it cost?)
  • Benjo wa doko desu ka? (Where is the bathroom?)
  • Yoi ichinichi o! (Have a nice day!)

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Microsoft Windows (XP,Vista,7,8), 260MB hard drive space, 960x600 min resolution, sound card, microphone (recommended), iTunes. Apple Mac with OSX 10.6 - 10.8, 260MB hard drive space, 960x600 min resolution, sound card, microphone (recommended), iTunes.